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PostVis Admin is an easy to use administration tool for amavisd-new and Postfix. The main backend is MySQL for quarantine and user management.

Features include:

  • Easy to use Web UI for Management of the mail server
  • Data stored in MySQL tables for Postfix and Amavis
  • Global Administration as well as domain level administration
  • Full Quarantine Management
    • Spam Reports giving you detailed information why the email was concidered SPAM
    • Viewing of Quarantined messages in Plain Text or HTML
    • Viewing of the Full Headers of any quarantined message
    • User Notification and the ability to release their spam on their own.
  • Email aliasing, Catch All etc.
  • Auto-Whitelist Management
  • Bayesian Statistics viewing
  • Mail Reports
    • Overview
    • Spam by Volume
    • Sender by Volume
    • Spam by Score
  • Policy Management
    • Adjust spam score requirements
    • Virus Filtering Off/On
    • Spam Filtering Off/On
    • Header Checks Off/On
    • Banned File Check Off/On
    • Spam/Virus Lover Setting
    • Much More
  • Virtual Domain Support
  • Blacklist/Whitelist Management
  • Quota Support
  • Multiple Encryption types (MD5, MD5Crypt, SHA1, etc.)

Future Releases:

  • LDAP Support
  • Postfix Queue Management
  • Incoming, Outgoing, Internal Statistics.
  • Live Log Viewing from web page.
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